Option needed to cancel Neon thumbnail rendering on exiting Rhino


I know you can switch to shaded viewport before closing, but forget from time to time and Neon hogs the system til finished…

(Brian James) #2

Can you explain more about what you’re doing? I can close Rhino with Neon running and Rhino closes even though the Neon viewport is calculating. I’m not sure what you meant by thumbnail… so maybe that’s where I’m not doing the same thing.


R 5.5, Neon version (Neon_10_x64_20130409.msi) Brazil

Actually, this is intermittent (everyone’s favorite kind of bug). Sometimes when I close R while a Neon VP is active (even if it has reached maximum passes) there is a long delay in closing. I assumed Neon was rendering the thumbnail for the file, but maybe not.

(Brian James) #4

Thanks for the extra info. It looks like you stay up to date so this might be hardware specific. How many cores is the CPU? The size of the Neon viewport might also come into play so try to notice if it happens only at full screen.


8 core i7
I have noticed it in various viewport configurations- 4views, Persp maximized, but not fullscreen.(Don’t know how to exit R from fullscreen…:slight_smile:

(Brian James) #6

I think you’re in good shape with a quad core i7 (multi-threaded to 8). One core is left open for Rhino so you can model while in Neon mode. I meant a maximized viewport but it’s not a factor here.