Option menu placement

I’ve my app set up to display floating input options menu for tools. I recall at one point the menu would appear on the screen where it was last placed. Lately howeve, for instance when I use the blend surface tool, the menu always appears in the center of the canvas and I’ve to move it before making use of it. That little thing adds up over a day and I’d really like to be able to work without such an annoying aspect.

Is there some setting on the Mac version that I’m missing here? I prefer this setup over the menu residing on the far left of my screen to keep the mouse movements to a minimum. Like I said all these little things add up over the day and make the interface experience more tedious than is necessary in my opinion.

This has been discussed before, try searching for flowing palettes. Here is one thread … MacRhino using dual monitors…

Do you use 2 monitors? I haven’t had any issues with the latest builds here in regards to palettes opening other than where I placed them last time they opened.

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That is a very long thread, and ultimately I didn’t find what I was looking for, (although I may have galzed over while searching through it)

There has been a change in the menu placement from remaining where placed in it’s last use to now defaulting to the middle of the screen… or rather almost over the area to be viewed as below.

The intial menu shows up where I like it to be, but the next one is a nuisance.

So if you start a command, then move the menu while in the command. Cancel the command then run it again, does the palette remain in the second moved position?

Works here. Could it be that command? Maybe if it is the first time running the command, the palette defaults to centre of screen?

Here is my line command palettes … this is the first one

I then moved the palette while in the command to here …

Then quit the command then reran it … looks good here


In your situation, there are two different types of dialogs that can be displayed when running a command. One type of dialog is the dialog that is used when you select “Use command options dialog” in Themes preferences. These dialogs have the black X button in the upper left corner, and all of these dialogs will appear at the same location on the display.

The other type of dialog are the dialogs that a specific command will display. In your example, running the BlendSrf command displays the “Adjust Surface Blend” dialog. Each of these dialogs also remember where they were last positioned, but this remembered position is independent of any other dialog. So if you move the “Adjust Surface Blend” dialog underneath the command options dialog, the “Adjust Surface Blend” dialog will show up in that new location next time you use it.

I realize that the difference between these two styles of dialogs is not obvious. A general rule is that, if a dialog is not where you want it, move it, and it will show up in that new location next time it appears.

Hi Marlin
is there a way to have the Command Search dialog remembering location as well?

with thanks