Option "continuity g2" in patches and in loft

When you will add the ability to set a continuity in curvature (G2) in the commands “patch” and “loft”?
I hope will be added in Rhino 6!


Hi davide76,

Thanks for the request. One of these is filed already in our system as RH-12267 for Patch. This is not a publicly visible report at the moment.

How would you envision a G2 option for Loft working? Do you have a sample file that shows what you’d like to do within Loft?

option G2 in the Loft.3dm(309.6 KB)

Thanks Brian.
This is a simple example: the edges of the two surfaces I’d like to set up a continuity of type G2 within the command “Loft”. I do not know whether it would serve, but some other CAD have that option.

Thanks, I filed this as RH-20298.

Some other options for you in the meantime would be Loft>MatchSrf or BlendCrv for the side crvs and then NetworkSrf.