Optimizing panel arrangement


I’m new in grasshopper.
I want to optimize panel arrangement.

Now, I use random reduce component to decide pattern but I doubt I’ve been trying all the patterns.
When I seach optimizing pattern, how do I do?

thank your in advance.

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

But please provide some more informations etc, or it will be hard to help you. See:

I’m sorry few information.

this is model to optimize.
X is supposed to place the panel.
The number of panel is fixed.
I want to know all pattern to arrange panel.

The number of different possible permutations is probably too large to fit in this universe, or at least your computer.

How do you measure the ‘optimisedness’ of a specific layout?

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For a vertical line, when there is a panel on the right, that line has 1 and when there is a panel on the left it is considered to have -1.
When adding all numbers in the same vertical line, we want to think that the optimum solution is the model when the maximum value of each column becomes the minimum.