Optimize variable shell reinforcement

Why the optimize shell reinforcement is making two face with 4 layers when I have only one face with 4 layers before optimize? What does it mean?
20190821_gridshell.gh (80.2 KB)

Dear Sébastien,
your definition is quite large so it is hard for me to see where the problem lies. Could you reduce the size of the definition and point out the problem more clearly?

Hi Clemens,
Here is the picture of want I don’t understand.
This is crosssection before and after OptiReinf.
There is one more face with 4 layers again.
How should I interprete that?

Ok I found what is happening.
It only makes triangulation.
But then I still don’t understand what is coming out of the Shellview. I have double meshes!? See picture

Hi @Sebastien, The cross section output from the shell view will give you the top and bottom surface of the shell so that you can see the thickness of the shell.