Optimize Cross section : solution difference between same file

When I received the file and checked its operation, the result was completely different from another person using the same file.
When I investigated, I found that different numbers were output in the Optimize Cross section. Cross section.csv file uses the same one.
I know that optimizations have different results. But can they differ significantly under the same conditions? Also, if it can be solved, please tell me how to do it.

Thanks in advance and I’m sorry for my bad English.

you need to check the parameters of the file and if the versions are the same. Sometimes even different versions of Rhino can product slightly different results from the meshing behaviour of the geometry that you provide. One method you can use to check, is to internalise all the geometry to make sure that this is not causing the errors.

thanks Matthew.

I tried several times to check the numbers and internalize the model.
As a result, the selections (Country and Shape) in the image were the default.

Is it by design that all selected parts return to their defaults when using the same file?

Hi, usually when you open with the same version of Karamba then there are no issues. We have noticed with our current WIP version, the material seems to jump to a different material when you open the script and we are looking to resolve this. But one method to check is if you internalise all your inputs to check if the models are really the same.