Optimize Cross Section based on displacement for all load cases superimposed

Hi all,

First time Karamba user here. Browsed the forum, but couldn’t find an answer to this problem. I’m trying to use the OptiCroSec component in order to size for deflection based on 3 load cases.

The load cases seem to be working. For example: if I select ‘all load cases’ in ModelView, the BeamView component shows superimposed section forces.

However, this does not seem the case for the displacement in the OptiCroSec component. I have set a limit deflection. Deflections of the separate load cases comply with this limit, but if I add those values, the limit is exceeded. The MaxDisp input in the OptiCroSec states “maximum admissible displacement [cm] for all load cases”. But this seems to be all load cases separately, not combined like in the ModelView component.

Am I missing something here? How can I superimpose in the OptiCroSec component?

Thank you in advance.

20200317 curved roof.gh (74.8 KB)




Karamba3D does not automatically allow for load combinations in the calculations. Therefore if you wish to analyse or optimise for a load combination (all load cases in you case), you should create a separate load case with the combined loads. See the image below:

Then, you will see that the displacement limits are matching the intended max displacements for LC3.

20200317 curved roof_MT.gh (96.6 KB)