Optimize a support structure for a for a specific surface

So this is a bit of a complex one and im not entirely sure if its even possible, but here it goes. Lets say i have a surface, for example a half sphere, that is make from a specific material and has a certain density then is there a way to somehow automatically generate a support structure for that sphere given the properties of a different material?.
If that isnt possible , then would it be possible to use Galapagos to optimize a per determined waffled structure for the same surface, again with specific material for both the support structure and the surface and how?
Sorry if this is a bit complicated or unclear.

As far as I understand it this is a very wide question, and I’m afraid there is no plugin wich you could just run and get an answer to it.

So, if you want to be able to try how different materials (with all theyre different inherent properties, not only density) work on a specific structure you could try karamba:

Karamba for this you would need at least a wireframe model, or a way to parametrically generate one.

If you are set on a half sphere surface there are many different ways to discretize a sphere surface, conically or a geodesic dome based on one of the platonic solids for example, then analyze and compare them.

You could also try to find a funicular surface with rhinovault or kangaroo.

maybe you’re looking for something like this: structureFIT

After reading this part, I think you’re looking for karamba, but as you said the question isn’t very clear so I doubt you’ll get much more feedback specially If you don’t upload a file or at least sketch something. there is no run one plugin, push one button solution for what you’re looking for I’m afraid