Optimising a surface

Hi everyone,

I would want to optimize/ rebuild a surface that i have divided in triangle.
I look for reducing the number of various panel type.

Capture.JPG1580×841 142 KB

Does anyone could advise a component to use in grasshopper or a tutorial?

ESPLANADE simplified 03.gh (36.0 KB)

Thank you very much


there is no geometry in the gh file.
You could have a look at that Museo Soumaya

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Hi Laurent,

This look amazing. could you advice me some tutorials or some component/Strategy to learn how to do it on my own?
Sorry for the last script I have probably did a mistake when I internalised datas in the curves component.
Please find below the gh file updated

190304-ESPLANADE.gh (303.4 KB)

Thank you for your help

If you want to pay you’ll find a tutorial on the same example there:


Thank you Tim it is very helpful