Opposite of Interval.FromIntersection

Hi guys, a bit stuck on this problem:

I’ve got 2 intervals: 1 bigger interval and 1 smaller interval. What I’d like to do is subtract the smaller interval from the bigger one and get the remaining interval(s). I see there’s a method Interval.FromIntersection which would give me the opposite of what I want (the overlapping interval). Is there an easy way to get the the smaller interval subtracted from the bigger one?


Alternatively, what I’m trying to do is find the intersection between 2 curves and remove the overlapping sections for each curve separately.
Is there an easy way of doing this?

Here is my attempt:

test_trim_overlap.py (2.4 KB)

– Dale


Hi Dale,
Thanks a lot for your help, but I’m afraid it’s the opposite of what I was after. When 2 lines are overlapping, I want to get rid of the part that is overlapping with the other one:

210312 Reverse overlapping lines.3dm (26.2 KB)

Hoi Siemen,

How about my edit of Dales script:
test_trim_overlap_WD.py (3.6 KB)

It will only trim the overlap of the first selected curve but I think you’ll manage to copy the code for the first curve to use for the second

If not let me know



Thanks a lot @Willem. I can work with this.