Oppenoffice vs excel

Anyone has tried succesfully communicating with OpenOffice instead of Excel? (I am mean online connection reading from an open sheet.) Is it possible?

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I don’t know about OpenOffice - stopped using it after it got acquired by Oracle, moved to LibreOffice. That latter one has this kind of example: https://api.libreoffice.org/examples/CLI/CSharp/Spreadsheet/

What are these files has to do with grasshopper?

You can write a component to interface with LibreOffice - and most likely with OpenOffice, assuming it has a .NET-capable API.

write a component? I am not a programmer. I am using Grasshopper avoiding programing…

I have not used G-oo myself yet, but used to use the sister project Bumblebee for Excel<>GH quite a bit so worth a look. http://www.neoarchaic.net/g-oo/

Another option is gHowl which also used to read open office but a bit more limited on what you can do.

There maybe others too these are just a couple i know about/found.