Opossum error message

I am trying to run an optimization with opossum but keep getting the error code seen in the picture. Within grasshopper I also use a best-fit like algorithm in python, could this be the reason of the error message? Anyone had this same error message and solved it? Thanks in advance.

Hard to say without files…

You might have a null value during your optimisation, or a change in datatype (number as string for example) (?)

Thanks for your response,

It is a complicated model, that is the reason I didn’t shared the file. I tried the optimization with galapagos, goat and wallacei, and those work. Wallacei also counts null values and that keeps 0. The change in datatype I’m not sure about. Is there a way to check this?

You can cast the final fitness value into a float number, either in code or in grasshopper.

A simple number param will do the trick, then refer Opossum to that component for the fitness input.

Note that Galapagos and Wallacei might have ways to deal with null values.
To check for null values, you could run a Galapagos opt, and use datarecorder (with graft input), to record your fitness values. Then use a panel to see results or check for null items with specific components (to avoid going through infinite length panel)

If nothing above help, then we’re gonna need a simplified version of your script…
Let me know !

Thanks alot! I will try the galapagos data recording. Ill let you know what the outcome is.

Now that I’m thinking. Does the python code actually run automatically when variables are changed? Otherwise this might also be the problem.

Yes it should, like any other components that are downstream to your changed variable.

Oke then that couldn’t be the problem. Just ran a galapagos optimization for a couple of minutes and it doesn’t record any null values or anything weird. Ill try to simplify the script and post it here.

Well I think Ill stick with goat for now. Simplifying the script without removing any crucial points doesn’t seem to work. Thanks again for your help.