Opinions on PC Build for Rhino/Grasshopper

Hi all,

My workplace is sorting out a PC build for me to develop our Parametric Design capabilities using Grasshopper/Rhino. This needs to be solid machine. We will be upgrading to Rhino Version 6. The machine will also be used to run Lumion. This is a secondary concern.

I’d be interested to know whether anyone has any suggested modifications to the system the supplier has quoted below (it is based on a Lumion build)? The specs can be taken as indicative of the budget. Additional cost associated with upgrades would need to be significant to be justified.

I deal with complex surfaces and meshes regularly. Processing these efficiently is important. Rhino/Grasshopper is only used for modelling. Lumion is where the rendering happens.

Here are the specs:

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit

Intel Core i7-7700K Processor (4.2GHz / 4.5GHz - 8MB Cache) Quad Core

HP 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4-2400 nECC Memory

HP 1,000GB ZTurbo G2 PCIe Solid State Hard Drive

Nvidia GeForce GTX1080 8GB Graphics Card with 2560 CUDA Cores

Any input would be much appreciated.


Hi @adammcellister

I run hp z workstations and mobile workstation, all Xeon’s, and have to say that the hp ZTurbo PCIe SSD are very fast when compared to standard SSD’s, and would not be without one.
I have not had the 1000GB, but have multiple 512GB.

An excellent drive.

A few points:

Is there a reason you’re going with a ISV Certified hardware type build? (I assume its all coming from HP? or a IT provider who is a HP solutions provider?)
also, is that Non-ECC DDR4?

The drive seems very fast; but there are much faster & cheaper options with (arguably) equal durability:
the Samsung 970 Pro 1TB is less than half the street price of the HP ZTurbo ($1k saving by my googling):
" sequential read speeds up to 3,500 MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 2,700 MB/s" (vs.“Read speed: 2500 MB/s, Write speed: 1550 MB/s” for the HP)
The Samsung is also NVMe - its just a M.2 interface rather than a perpendicular oriented PCIE daughter-board type (I’m sure there’s a more succinct way to say that)

…with the savings from the above…
CPU: you could get the new i7-8086K. Stock speeds are 4Ghz base (all cores) and up to 5Ghz on a single core.
I’d also look at high speed & Low latency RAM too.

Might be able to get a BOXX one of the other supported/warrantied custom PCs to beat the above too… looks like you have a pretty healthy budget.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve been away for a few days so only reading them now.

Prehabitat: your questions are a bit beyond my level of expertise, but I have passed the comments onto our IT team.

The main concern at this point is if there are any negative effects to using that graphics card vs an ISV workstation Quadro card? The cost of jumping to a suitable Quadro card is going to be quite high compared to the GeForce card in the quote.

The main concern at this point is if there are any negative effects to using that graphics card vs an ISV workstation Quadro card?

Not from my perspective, but my focus is (non grasshopper) architecture and GPU accelerated rendering … (Enscape & Octane)

So my priorities are different to others/most…

Grasshopper is almost single-threaded but luckily it isn’t so compute-intensive.

I’m using a PC with 8700k overclocked to 4.9GHz and it doesn’t require any additional cooling.

Your hard drive will not be a bottleneck as long as it isn’t too slow.