Operation on multiple pairs of curves

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I have a series of curve pairs that I am evaluating for min./max. proximity. I’ve created a script that does this but only for one list item value at a time. If I bypass the list item slider, it breaks the operation. Maybe I need some sleep but I can’t seem to find a way to automate this process so that the panel displays the min./max. values for all the curve pairs (as separate branches?) Please help!

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Attach files.

If you had uploaded the file, maybe someone would solve your problem while you were sleeping… :slight_smile:

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The Grasshopper fairy

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Here is the file… by popular demand :wink:test.gh (380.6 KB)

I guess you are looking for something like that?

crvBounds.gh (381.3 KB)

Yes, something like that…and by ‘something’, I mean ‘exactly that’… :slight_smile:
Thank you!!!


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