Operation on multiple curves

Hello I want to apply a transformation on several objects.
It is adjusted by a movement and a rotation (more complex).
But when I apply this to all the curves, it crashes: I have the impression that it’s a story about the format of my lists (flatten, simplified, etc…) but I’m a little lost…
can you help me ?

dans mon operation de deplacement, le nombre de points de deplacements depends de la longueur de la courbe. or lorsque j’en mets deux les points de deplacements ne sont pas les bons et mes calculs sautent.

Please share your 3dm and/or grasshopper file, that will help us help you.
Also, I’m changing this to grasshopper category.

24 06 07_Typo1.gh (43.9 KB)
I’m sorry the texts are written in French…
if you want I will translate but I imagine that you don’t need it to understand my intentions