OpenRL out of memory crash


I don’t know if the crash dump report will have gone through but I was opening up a fairly large file–which I was working with fine on my work machine with the same 16 GB RAM and trying to fire up Neon (which again works software-only on this file at work) results in that nasty debug dialog spewing something about openRL being out of memory, and indeed a big RAM usage spike.


It looks like my scene was just too big to fit on the Caustic card, software mode works…though does that really make sense for an R2100 card with “only” 9 million polygons in the scene?


Hi Jim, That seems pretty strange. The worst case scene I have tried with an R2100 was closer to 25 million polygons. I’ll follow up with you to suggest how to debug this.

Separately, I think neon should be able to handle the out of memory error and switch over to CPU instead of crashing.



Any luck repeating the crash?


I was able to download the file but will need to get a machine with hardware tomorrow to take a look.

(Andrew le Bihan) #6

It loads up fine here on my 2500.


On the latest version of the file here, after updating Neon and Bongo, it doesn’t crash in hardware mode, but a good chunk of the geometry and textures are missing or invisible, it looks okay in software. Checking now with the file I sent you…hmm it seems okay. The differences are the new version has about a million more polygons and it doesn’t have the textures packed(but in software mode it seems to find the majority of them.)

Neon missing geometry

I just installed my 2100 on my work machine and am seeing the same problem, not everything is displayed, then after a few seconds of messing with the view Neon crashes out of memory.


I’ve tried to reduce the polygon count and it’s working better, but (and it seems like Bongo might have something to do with it?) eventually even though it’s supposed to have lots of memory for the size of the scene it runs into trouble and crashes or the lights literally go out.


Hi Jim, I took a closer look at the scene you provided and it seems that it is indeed approaching the memory limit of the device. There may be things that Neon could do to pack the triangles more efficiently but this doesn’t look like a bug. You’ll need to run that scene in CPU traversal. I’ll talk to Andy about catching the error message and switching to CPU automatically w/ out crashing.

The missing geometry sounds like a new bug and should probably be a separate thread. Can you verify that the geometry is missing in both CPU and RTU? Either way, that is something for Andy or Brian.



Hi Thomas,

Thanks. What else do I need to do to reduce besides polygons to try to help this fit?

The geometry disappearing is only in hardware, probably an effect of the memory issue.

Neon missing geometry

Hi Jim,

In short, not much.

It’s related to how the geometry is created which I’d need either Andy or a developer to dig into to see whether it is possible to improve. I know that there are a few objects in the scene that account for the majority of the geometry, so we’d need to investigate if it is possible to optimize the triangles coming out from them.

BTW. Andy couldn’t reproduce this because the R2500 has more memory than a R2100.


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It’s possible that Bongo is involved - do you animate textures or geometry? Or just the camera?

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I will look at making sure that when the scene exceeds the hardware limit, the CPU switches in seamlessly.


A few spinning things and the camera.


I guess it means work needs to get me an R2500 then. Problem solved!

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If you are very close to the limit, it’s possible that the spinning things are taking you over the edge…but it’s unlikely. I guess it depends on how many polys are in the spinning things.

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That will solve it…until you push the polys up by a pile more. I’m not sure what the difference between the two cards is in terms of memory specs. Maybe Tom will fill us in.

Make sure you can’t really rip out some of those polys before you start throwing new hardware at the problem.

  • Andy

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Tom just filled me in…there’s twice as much memory on a 2500 as on a 2100.

If you are thinking of going down that route though…remember…the 2500 is huge. Bigger than will fit into a standard PC.

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We need to eliminate Bongo from there equation here. Could you disable it from the plug-in manager (both plug-ins) and see if the problem still happens?