Is it possible to use Python packages such as openpyxl with Rhino5? Are there any packages that allow the direct manipulation of EXCEL, specifically .xlsx files?

You can use openpyxl with Rhino. Install it like a normal library

I did and can access the library from my “normal” instance of python but do not know how to get it to work with the “Rhino” instance of python. I put the path to the library in the search path of Python Options but alas, I get the message, “No module named openpyxl” at run time.

Rhino is using IronPython 2.7. It seems you may not be able to use openpyxl with IronPython…

Edit: there’s also this post on the GH forum which offers some possible paths…


Ill have to go through my scripts tomorrow… Im almost positive we found a way to get it to work

Any luck with that?