openNURBS as a static library

Hi. It’s first post to this forum.
Many thanks to your many sophisticated technical forum.

I just want to connect the openNURBS toolkit as simplified configuration.(static library(.lib) + header(.h))
I use Visual Studio C++ express 2010(VC++) as compiler and editor,
and I’d like to bind all the openNURBS programs to a static library(.lib) and their header files(.h).

I have challenged the operations below
(1)Downloading openNURBS from
(2)Compiling “build_opennurbs_vs2010.sln” with VC++ as static lib(at the same time, built zlib)
(3)Linking “directory” and “opennurbs_staticlib.lib” as additionl dependency to example.
(4)Linking the "include"directory

However, it cant be succeed. I also read the article
How can we build the static library and link to the library from custom programs?
Please tell us more detailing helps, advices.

Thank you in advance.

What does this mean? Are you getting an error when building openNURBS?

Ah, I see you are using the Express edition of VC++. I don’t believe it comes with the Microsoft Platform SDK, which might be a problem. I don’t have that version of VC++ installed here, but perhaps this is helpful:

Hi dale.
Thank you for your fast helpful reply.

It means it might be a problem about
setting way to built that is linking my custom program to static lib and zlib

I will try your solutions after that.

If It can’t, I will tell you the error messages adding more detail.