OpenNest Unroll Text not Working?

Hi Petras, @Petras1

Might there be a bug in the OpenNest Unroll component?

I input some Text and some Points (Location) and the output is empty.
Also, I think the outputs ‘TXT L’ and ‘TXT’ have reversed positions respect to the Inputs. (17.8 KB)

Many thanks for the plug-in and the help in advance!

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Did you follow the example file?

A) Datatree matters for txt and txtL
B) The points must be on geometry.

Yup it is reversed;)

For intance you can even do more simple if you are cutting that:

or this: (36.5 KB)

But if you are trying to unroll one closed object, be sure that surfaces are joined. If it is one object as a brep it is treated as one object. I assume that you have 4 timber plates, not one.

And if you unroll one object follow this example: (39.2 KB)

(Yes if you have tags you need to input points to P and TP)

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Thank you Petras, wonderful!

I did check it looking for answers but there in the file “” there is not example of the Unroll component using TXT and TP inputs.

I have the same problem here. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. The case is very simple:

unroll Pts and (36.4 KB)
I have tried to tackle with tree structures each time receiving empty output trees.
I have attached internalised data in case someone wants o try.