OpenNest spacing input

Hi @Petras_Vestartas ,
First of all thank you for developing such a great plugin! You make our lives easier with it.
Would it be possible to ask for one small addition:

At the moment the ‘Spacing’ input controls both the distance in between the nested crvs and the distance from the nested crvs to the edge of the sheet. If I am not mistaken, ‘Spacing’/2 is always taken for the distance between the nested crvs and the sheet edges?

Do you think it would be possible to separate these two into two inputs:
‘Spacing’ and ‘EdgeSpacing’?

Thank you for the reply in advance.


Yes it is possible, just you will need to wait some time until I have free time from my work for further development;)

I already noted this from other user.


Hi @Petras_Vestartas ,
That’s great news! Ačiu!

Can I ask for one small thing?
What does the ‘Run’ input do? I don’t see the difference in results when ‘Run’=True or when ‘Run’=False. At least in the latest v1.3.4.

Prašom :wink:

In the examples file there is a sample with iterative solver.
If I remember correctly, if you set iterations to 0, then you can run a solver with internal timer instead of a static solver.

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Thank you once again for the explanation.

I guess the work around is to reduce (or adjust) the size of your sheets?