Opennest setting for good results

I am new to Opennest. I have been using Rhinonest 3 formerly.
I like openest because it is easy to set up. My problem is I cannot find a proper settings to get similar good result as with Rhinonest. I enclose a test file which was done in Rhinonest and Opennest as well. The upper one result is with Opennest. What is the proper setting to get similar good results with Opennest?
opemmest (14.6 KB)
curves test.3dm (578.0 KB)

The two packing methods are different.

But you can at least run more than one iteration, to place elements into one sheet:

thank you!
0 iteration equal that it is iterating until you stop?

yes, but only if Run is set to True (default il False) and Reset is set to False (default is True)

this might be very helpful: