OpenNest optimization problem

The dimensions of the geometry I want to optimize are smaller than the sheet dimensions but some geometries are not included in the process. (36.9 KB)

  1. You are not taking Spacing into account when you calculate which geometry is oversized.
  2. You have Rotations set to 18. That means if an object does not fit when you rotate it in 20 degree steps it will not be nested. You can avoid this issue by using the output from the Curve MinBoundingBox component to align your objects with the nesting sheets (In your file, long edges on the Y-axis).
  • With Spacing set to 0, 1, or 2:
    • 14 objects do not fit
  • With Spacing set to 3 or 4:
    • 15 objects do not fit
  • With Spacing set to 5:
    • 16 objects do not fit
  • Etc… (44.3 KB)


thank you very much for helping :blush: :ok_hand: