OpenNest Glaring Failure To Fit Parts

Odd glitch in OpenNest in that horizontal parts that clearly fit with only 90 degree rotations fail to fit and get put on a new sheet. It starts working then stops for identical parts, three big ones and six small ones.

Screenshot 2020-10-07 134304
Trying to use run cycles instead of iterations has no effect, nor does higher iteration numbers up to 100.
OpenNest Nik V27 UNMOVED PARTS ERROR (608.1 KB)

Bizarrely, and possibly a clue, is how Deepnest, a free Windows nesting program, does the same thing! Yet we know the parts fit since they are otherwise identical in two sizes, and can manually fit fine on these 5x10 foot sheets.

Yup, because solver takes random values from minkowski difference and does little during genetic optimization. Big parts is an issue. For big and orthogonal parts like this bin-packing is more suitable.

If I input just rectangles instead of complex notched flat sheet metal parts, OpenNest does the same thing! So it’s simple rectangles now failing.

Ah, so I’ll have to add a menu for a bin packing option. Have never heard of that but I’ll do homework. Uh oh, not much to find here.

At issue is that sheet metal parts are large but often not simple notched rectangles to simplify down to rectangles.