Opening Shape 3D files in Rhino

I am trying to open Shape 3D (surfboard shaping software) files in Rhino (currently running Rhino 4). Shape 3D gives options to save as .s3d and .s3dx file types and also has export options in IGES. None of these options seem to allow usable data that shows the surfaces of the product created in Shape 3D. Rhino only recognizes lines and polylines but no surfacing when opening IGES files saved in Shape 3D.
Has anyone had experience with file transfer between these two programs that can advise on a solution?

Interesting program but I don’t see how they claim that it ‘works with Rhino’ if it will not export or import a 3dm. I’m downloading the Lite version to have a look. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Well it does indicate

3D Export as spline surfaces in the IGES format.

Don’t know if their export is faulty… Can you post a sample IGES? It’s also possible to open the IGES in a text editor and read what kind of entities are really in the file.



Thanks for the help. I have attached a file but as you can see it sonly 85K so nothing really in there except for a few lines. Surfaces just don’t appear to save out.

Touring 12 32 ver 1 ALL FILES_decksurf.igs (84.6 KB)

Yep, all IGES type 110 (line) entries, not even an arc or spline in sight… Maybe ask their support why? --Mitch

Was this ever resolved? I am interested in importing shape3d files into rhino, but curious about this before I pay for a license that will allow me to generate the file.

Hello - there’s been no change that I know of. You might check with Shape3d.