Opening RIR definiton breaking when opened outside of RIR

I have a script that I want to use both natively in Rhino and also Rhino.Inside Revit. In general, Grasshopper handles this pretty well by creating the white placeholders for the RIR components which aren’t available. Opening the RIR version in Rhino and saving it keeps most of the connections and placeholders.

However, I’ve noticed 2 components where this doesn’t happen. The first is ‘Element Name’. The connection downstream becomes broken. Why does it happen just to this component and is there a way to fix this?

The other is the category component where I’ve used right-click to pick the category. I’m guessing a workaround for this is to select the category by name. Is this possible?

Try the Built-In Categories picker, this will more persistent & is searchable.


I’ve noticed the disconnect happens on older components, try replacing the Element Name component and see if that helps.

I’ve done some more testing. I’m using the latest RIR v1 candidate on Revit 2020.

Replacing the ElementName component didn’t work. The wires are still being broken. As a workaround, I can just use the ElementGetParameter component which doesn’t break?!

The other issue is if there is a Data node connected to a RIR component. This always breaks regardless of which component it is connected to. This is strange because if the RIR node is wired directly to another GH component it doesn’t break.

The problem, therefore, seems isolated (as far as I’ve tested) to the ‘Data’ and ‘ElementName’ components.

Thanks Paul, I agree it would be ideal that opening a RiR Grasshopper script in a standalone Rhino Grasshopper session wouldn’t break wire connections. I’ll add this as a feature request.

@Japhy thanks. But not sure I would categorise it as a feature request. It currently partially does it, but not always. Seems more like a bug.

@parametricmonkey1 It hasn’t been close to a feature so far. The RiR plugin ribbon is contextual & only available in Revit. The white boxes in place of missing plugin components are a recent addition and have really helped in this regard.