Opening Rhino5 Files in Rhino6 / RhinoCommon / Userstrings

I am porting our BrickDesign-plugin. The plugin works well in rhino5 and rhino6 now.
But when I am opening a Rhino5 file in Rhino6 it does not work.

I have now a file which is created by our plugin.

The problem is the following.
Given code like this:

objects = []
e.ObjectTypeFilter = Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectType.Annotation

for obj  in objects:

The Code prints out some 5’s when openend with Rhino5
and when openend with Rhino6 everything I get is some zeros’s.

Or more literally, The same file seems to not provide all the information when openend in Rhino6.
By the way when I recreate something in Rhino6 save it and reopen it I get the 5’ers again.

Hi @bar,

Can you provide a Rhino 5 file that is not working for you in Rhino 6? Also, can I get source code that repeats what you seeing here?

– Dale (1.0 KB)
180201_WBR.3dm (2.0 MB)

The scripts prints five objects inside Rhino5 and none of them in Rhino6.

Hi @bar,

I am able to repeat the problem, and I have reported it.

– Dale