Opening Rhino files without loading all the attachments/links at the start - feature request

I would love Rhino to open up fast AND be able to link all different models and components into a single file. At the moment if you link large model into a .3dm and open it you need to wait for both your model and that linked/attached model to load into RAM sticks before you can start using rhino.

It would be good to have option to defer it or offload it to the background.

PS Where should we officially submit feature requests?

Are you using Blocks, Workstation and/or ???

Do you want to merge all the files into a single file, or do you want to open only one file and not have anything attached to/linked to/used by that file open?

Requests posted on these forums appears to be reviewed and sometimes put into the system. I don’t know of any other place to make requests.

Thanks for the reply.

Im using worksessions.

Yes, the second option. I want to open only one file, which has other files linked in it and be able to activate/load other files dynamically while working from that one file.
For example: Some area turns out to be needed; activate a reference model in that area; continue working without leaving Rhino.

It would be great for productivity I think

Hi Daniel -

It sounds like that requires knowing which file to load without having or getting any visual pointers. That is, it sounds like you need to know (1) that there is a model in that area, and (2) the file name of that model. If that is the case, isn’t the workflow simply that you start with opening your one file and, at the point when it’s needed, run Worksession and attach the other model?

It would be nice to have it work like that, for example Vray proxies use lower levels of detail to preview models in the viewport, but maybe already if it appears by its name in the layers menu like “landscape” or “level 2” it gives a good enough idea about its location.

Difference from the workflow where you load files from the file system as it is now is that sometimes project folders can contain number of files in different formats and versions, but only few of these are relevant to the Rhino file you are working with. It can get messy. Being able to organize them directly in Rhino could be a productivity booster.

Hi Daniel -

Thanks for the additional information. This sounds like an assets manager of some kind and I have added this thread to open item RH-31918 - Asset tracking - keep track of attached files, linked blocks etc

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Thanks, looking forward to this feature. Related to this may also be an option that would let you open in new rhino window or locate the linked files in explorer/finder (again to boost productivity).