Opening Named Views out of memory error

I’m working on a fairly large file with iRay rendering, and I think due to that(maybe??)now I can’t open the NamedView panel without a memory allocation error and crash. This should not be possible.

Hi Jim - if all views are wireframe, does that work?


No, they decide to shade themselves.

Just a thought in the dark - open an empty Rhino, open the named views, set the panel to show the list rather than thumbnails, then try your file…?


That did work thanks!

@andy - fyi… I do not have IRay here to test and buggify this.


Well it’s probably something with iRay, or just that 32GB isn’t a huge amount of RAM anymore.

Update: Well maybe not, 'cause trying to reproduce it I’m getting a memory allocation error just on opening the file…

Well I finally seem to have found the source of the massive RAM demand, it’s the HDR environment. One one had I would expect that, I am using a large one, but I am asking iRay support if the numbers really make sense.