Opening multiple txt files


I am trying to open multiple point cloud txt files at once. If I use Open, Insert or Import I am only allowed to select one file at a time. If I try to highlight a selection of files in explorer and drag them instead, I get an error message which says “The ReadCommandFile command did not return success or nothing” (and no file loads).

How do I open multiple txt files?



Either one at a time as the command allows, or you’ll need to write a command script or macro that cycles through the the file list.

Thanks John,

The interesting thing is, that if I drag and drop multiple files from explorer into Rhino, it works for other file extensions - like .3ds for example. I also renamed all my .txt files to .xyz files - and that allowed me to drag and drop (and open) all of the files at once.


Yes, I think this should be considered as a bug…

I just checked in with a developer.
He says TXT files can do more than contain points. They can have commands that can be run like macros so they are treated differently. XYZ files can only contain point data so it’s importer can do batches like you described.