Opening Elevations Command Issue?

When I run the command it draws the window outline for a casement window but not for a fixed lite window. When I change a fixed lite to a casement and update the opening elevation draws the window outline. When I go back to fixed lite The window outline goes away and only shows the dimension.

Hi Ernest,

Can you provide more information and context about your issue? Thanks

Hi Japhy,

Thanks for your quick response. I have attached a screenshot to illustrate the problem. Essentially, the command is not generating the window linework for fixed windows whereas it does for casement. I have switched between window type and updated the same elevation which redraws the lines if I change the window to casement from fixed.

Is this involving a plugin of some sort?

Hi Japhy,

Yes I am using VisualArq and running the “Opening Elevations” command.

I changed your Forum topic to the plugins category.

Hi Japhy,

I have figured out the problem. The fixed window type had a leaf but no frame. Once I edited the style properties added the frame element it generated the fixed window correctly. I appreciate your fast response.


Thank you,

Hi @Ernest_Mack thanks for figuring this out and letting us know. However, I think the opening elevation should work also for windows that do no have a frame component. If you can share your file we will check what’s really happening and fix any possible errors for future versions.