Opening an stl file does not see figure standing on Cplane as per original

have two stl files pre and post processing of a scanned figurine, I have opened the pre processing figure, it came in at a crazy angle relative to Cplane so I have re-orientated Cplane to Z axis choosing its heel then top of head.
Now its standing on Cplane.
Imported the post processing stl file and orientated it alongside the first to compare. They stand beside each other.

selected both and exported as stl file.

To check all was good I opened this as a new file, however the figures are again at a crazy angle to Cplane.

How do I export these and have them standing on Cplane as per the figures I selected prior to the export command ?


Don’t orient the CPlane to the figures, orient the figures to the World CPlane. Exporting is always relative to World.

– Mitch

I have now used the Cplane world top command, I have a world cplane back, what is the easiest method to get my human to stand upright with feet on this cplane and origin ? …as if he is standing on a gridded floor ?

Googled align object to world plane but found nothing.


Hi Steve - Orient3Pt should do it - snap to three points on your figure, Vertex Onsap, these points should be as nearly coplanar on the bottoms of the guy’s feet, as possible, and then three points in the world plane.


Not sure about STL but OBJ has a different notion of what “UP” is compared to Rhino and you have to map Rhino Z to OBJ Y.
Maybe something similar is going on?

Can you post a sample or an image so we can see what “crazy” means?

You can use reducemesh to reduce the figurine to 10% of the original if you for any reason don’t want to share the original.

here is the file with a deliberately heavily reduced mesh !

Same figure beside itself for purposes of comparing refinement process.
not a complete scan, and as can be seen, no actual foot.

can Orient3pt be used if no foot ?

stl figures heavily reducedMesh.3dm (3.0 MB)


The commands _Move and _Rotate might be useful here, see the Help for more info. _Align (from the Front view) will be useful to set the objects “on the ground”.


No way then to select a point on his amputated leg then on his head and have the figures stand upright ?


Sure. You can do this in two shots with _Rotate (from Front and Right viewports), or one shot with _Orient. I think it’s far easier in this case to just do the two rotates visually, they’re just people, they just need to “look” upright, otherwise you’re going to spend some time finding the right points on the mesh to snap to.


Hi, I used align and got foot to 0,0, then rotate in front and right to get them as you say apparently upright.



Yes, you use Rotate.
Select objects, run Rotate, pick a point on the leg, pick a point on the head, hold SHIFT down or turn on ORTHO and point him in the upright direction.
Do it first in the most obvious view, in this case the right view, then in top and then in front.
Repeat if fine tuning is needed.

Your perspective view has an “odd” C-plane, i would reset this to the default world c-plane and then test the export - import to see if it helps. I have never had issues with STL oddly rotate.
And when I try on your file it goes just as expected, it imports exactly as I exported it.

(Edit: You can also use gumball, but align the gumball to World and then do one view at a time)