Opening a menu on my first line

Hello… a complete beginner here trying to follow the getting started Interface Basics video from David Rutten.
I can get the line device on the canvass and hover over the A,B & L and the error balloon with their various messages.
David then hovers over the A and brings up a menu with a simple click.
…I cannot get this menu. !:flushed:
I have tried as many combinations and permutations of shift, ctrl, alt, cmd click, but no menu appears. I am running a MacBook Pro OSX 10.11.3 El Capitain, but I don’t have a mouse. Just the keyboard and trackpad.
I have looked for other basic beginner instruction or videos that might be Mac specific, but drawn a blank.
Clearly the rest of the Grasshopper Mac world knows something I don’t.
Please, Please someone point out the blindingly obvious to this very embarrassed newbie.
This can’t be a bug… it has to be me!

This is a right click menu, so I don’t know how your trackpad needs to be configured to send a right click to GH - there are gestures, but also Ctrl+normal click…


Eureka… :grin: Thanks Mitch.
Knowing that it is a right click set me searching for the trackpad equivalent of a right click.
There are two trackpad equivalents…
Ctrl - Click …this does not work, it brings up a negative wire connection
Two fingered tap or click on the trackpad …this does work

Thank you very much. I am very exited about the potential of Grasshopper. Now I can get on
Thank you again