Opening a file on network drive

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I have a 500mb Rhino file that I can open swiftly when I copy it to my local machine vs. when it is on a network drive. What could be the issue? Is there any remedy?

Hi @Devang_Chauhan,

What kind of network drive? Windows shared folder? SMB Drive?

– Dale


Windows shared folder.

Hi @Devang_Chauhan

Reading files off of a local disk is always going to be much faster than from any network drive. From disk, the bandwidth between your drive and disk controller is very side. From a network, you are constrained by bandwidth, network protocol (packetizing), security on the remove drive, etc.

Windows shared network folders also have additional layers of security and data protection that you don’t run into when reading files locally. There are settings on the server side, that you can make to shared folders, that can speed up remote file reading. I’ll let you Google the topic. But basically there are ways to disable some of the features I’ve mentioned.

That said, reading files from a remote drive will never be as fast as reading them locally.

– Dale

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