Opening a document messes up the layout of the tools

Every time I open a file document in Rhino the window minimizes and the layout of things become smaller. When I enlarge the window the tools overlap. Some how they get bunched up and it is annoying seen the font of the buttons change? I just reinstalled Rhino and it is still doing same thing, what do I do to fix this problem.

Is this with any Rhino file or only certain files? If it is occurring with specific files, we would like to try and reproduce this with one of these files if possible.

Jorge, can you post a before and after screen grab please? Also, what resolution is your display?



it is with every file I open. Even if I place images.

Hi Jorge- a bit of a shot in the dark, but try testToggleFileDialog when Rhino opens and see if that makes a difference when you next use a File-open operation.


That should be "TestToggleFileDialog"

Thank you, yes, fixed above…



Hi Jorge - type TestToggleFileDialog at the command line , and Enter.