OpenGL responsiveness

First of all, I am a huge Rhino fan and user. I am looking to develop a front-end for CFD that has the basic Rhino look and feel. I am using Qt3d as the underlying visualization engine.

Once I load in over a couple of thousand curves (each in their own VBO), things slow down dramatically. However, in Rhino, 20,000 curves and surfaces seems to be child’s play for its zippy visualization.

Would you be willing to share a bit how the heck you keep Rhino visualization so responsive? If this involves trade secrets, I understand. My hat is off to you guys. Well done.

How are you drawing these curves? Are you using one of Rhino’s display pipeline functions?

Steve, I am drawing the curves from Qt3d, not using the Rhino SDK at all. I can find or get little help from the Qt3d community. I figured that if I knew how Rhino handles its internal display pipeline, perhaps I could mimic in Qt3d. I understand this is probably not a good place to seek such answers, but I thought I would ask anyway.