openGL over RDP


This might be slightly OT but we are setting up a remote machine we will be accessing through RDP.

Does anyone have experience with running Rhino this way?
Are there issues we have to tackle like:

  • are we ok with WindowsServer or is that not (very)compatible with Rhino
  • how about GPU? Does opengl render on the remote machine with RDP?
  • anything else to be aware of when operating through RDP?


I don’t use RDP because of bad OpenGL support. If you remember to start Rhino while still at the machine you are going to remote into it’ll get the GPU and OpenGL support you want. But if you start it over an RDP session all bets are off, IMHO.

I use VNC to get good results.

Hoi Nathan,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Good to have this insight as we will be mostly operating remotely.

Bedankt en fijn weekend