OpenGL GUI (user interface)

There’s something I don’t yet understand.
Why the Rhino’s developers haven’t chosen to create the user interface (GUI) in OpenGL? Lots of softwares take ths approach. Also, it’s easiest to port them to other platforms.

I don’t understand why you care. Game’s are typically done with pure graphics technology GUIs since there are not usually a whole lot of GUI components outside of the game itself, but I would disagree that “lots of software take this approach” outside of games.

We have enough problems with OpenGL drivers, I would hate to have the entire application rely purely on that.

I always thought that it would be easier to port the application to other platforms. Like Modo 701 and Blender do.

I can’t claim as to what technologies Modo and Blender are using, but based on the screenshots I’ve seen I’m pretty sure they are not entirely written in OpenGL.