Opengl display list

Is this something you can use inside of Rhino? That may be the easiest solution

I have no clue but the first question is do we have access to opengl handles ?

Yes, you could call

but this is typically not necessary as this will already be set up when you are in a display conduit.

I’m assuming your plug-in only runs on Windows as you mentioned access through COM. If that is the case, then this may be a viable solution. I’m also assuming that you already have a bunch of already written C++ code to draw with your library.

The alternative is that I can just type up a mesh cache class for you in .NET.

Just let me know what approach you would like to take.

I will read the docs to get a better clue on what’s available, if I have access to opengl I could create my display buffers in C++ or C# dunno

Well yes we have a huge code base in C++
But you know that making a port to a new system is a huge work.

If there is away to make a mesh cache, a curve cache and a text cache I could maybe live with it

Ok, I’ll write one up.

Reminder, waiting silently

Yep, I have this bookmarked. Trying to get to it.

Sorry for the delay. It’s been a bit hectic lately.

Here’s an initial prototype of a class that could be used for caching meshes to be drawn from your conduit. There is some additional functionality I could add to Rhino 7 to further optimize performance, but this seems like a simple start so we can work toward something that you can use.

You would hold an instance of this class and add your meshes to it. When it is time to draw the meshes in your conduit, you would call the Draw function on the class.