openGL | anti-aliasing


I have got a problem with the anti-aliasing of my screen or GPU? I have got a notebook with an Intel Tigerlake i7 1165G7 with the iris XE GPU and Windows 10 Pro. On the Laptop screen everything works fine … but I have got a 2. monitor… the Dell S3221QS and there I have got a general problem with the anti-aliasing of all Windows menus … the Windows start menu or the windows popup windows … normally in programs the presentation of the graphics work well … also in …But now … I have got the same anti-aliasing problems with rhino … do you know this problem and have someone a solution for this. In rhino and generally in Windows 10?

I contacted Dell, but they didn’t have a solution and the problem here is, that when I want to take a screenshot of the wrong antialiasing everything looks well, because the graphic data is presented from another program.

But I must say, that the viewport works well in shaded and render modus … this problem appears only in wireframe modus. And also so the menubars have similar problems like the windows menus … is this because of the contrast of the monitor or is this a driver failure in windows or intel?

please run the systeminfo command in rhino and post the result here or email it to

Hi … Thank you very much …

I sent the information to the email address. The video memory shown in the status bar in Rhino is much bigger than the amount in the rhino system info. Is it possible, that the wireframe view is not built with openGL ? Perhaps with DirectX as perhaps the windows menus themself for example the windows start popup menu? So that the antialiasing problem is because of DirectX?