Opengl 3.3 freezes rhino, 2.1 misses features - how to log?


using nvidia quadro fx 360m (supports up to opengl 3.3) with opengl set to 3.3 in options > view > opengl, rhino works nicely, the only problem is, that it often freezes on startup/open. the filesize does not matter. Usual scenario when starting rhino or opening a file is: startscreen pops up, gpu usage goes to 100% for about 5-10sec, viewports become black (and if it does not freeze the OS at this point completely, which is about every other time) then it runs good.

running rhino using opengl 2.1, then the startup and opening of files is immediate (no freeze, no 100% gpu usage). When modelling, rhino runs very fast on files ~50mb size, but Sun/Skylight or Print rasters do not work (in 3.3 they do).

Would it be possible to switch from one opengl to the other as if switching viewports? I asumme not, since opengl change is options requires rhino restart
Can rhino create an event log and dump it to txt? I would like to debug this, since rhino causes a freeze of OS on startup, crash log is not made by rhino.
Perhaps someone could help explain why those features do not work under opengl 2.1? Could they work?
Just to make it a bit harder > please limit the answer to software solutions (no hardware change). Other programs that use HW acceleration open good.

Windows 10.0.17763 SR0.0
Rhino 7 SR17 2022-4-12
Shading Language: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
Driver Date: 10-18-2016
Driver Version: (this behaviour is persistent under other drivers too)


Hi @andrej,

This is a pretty old GPU:

And the GPU doesn’t meet the minimum requirements:

And there hasn’t been a driver update in ~6 years.

There probably isn’t anything we can do - sorry.

– Dale

those are ‘recommended’, not minimal requirements.

That old GPU would have worked very well with Rhino V5.
V7 gets better performance in part by using a much higher OpenGL standard than V5 did.

Thank you for the tip John. I’d be happy to purchase a commercial V5 secondhand, sadly I haven’t found any available yet. I remember using it was nice, but I was a student then with a student license, now I only have V7 and the V5 key does not apply to my use anymore.

If your computer is that old, I would not recommend updating the GPU.
If it’s a laptop you can’t anyway.

I recently purchased a Dell Alienware x14, with 16GB RAM, a 1 TB SSD, and a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050Ti with 4GB VRAM running Windows 11.
Price out the door was $2k.
If you need a second monitor, choose a GPU with at least 8GB VRAM.

I really like it for Rhino. It’s faster than my Windows 10 Desktop running a nice Nvidia Quadro.

If you need the new Rhino display tools, you’ll need hardware that supports them.


You own a V5 license. There no reason you can’t use it. Upgrading to V7 did not disable V5. It just added V7.
The V5 for Windows installer is in the Archive section on the Download page.

does this mean the Education license (V5 in my case) is valid for commercial use even when I’m not a student anymore? That would be fantastic! I tested it yesterday and it works perfect. The upgrade to V7 I bought was a commercial one.

Hi Andrej -

Yes, you can use your educational license for commercial use.
The only limitation is that you can’t sell an educational license if you no longer have any use for it.

thank you @wim and @John_Brock for the help!

From the Student tab on. the Buy page:

This has ALWAYS been true. It is not a recent change.