Opencv in Python scripts?


the opencv library has some intersting features that can be useful for a Rhino’s user. (photogrammetry , 3d geometry reconstruction, pose estimation etc.).
I know that some wrapper for ironpython exist.
Has someone any idea where to found, how to install these libraries, and how to import them in the python ide of rhino ?
thank you


I tried using OpenCV with Python for some image processing but have not tried it with Rhino. Are you looking for just installation on Windows? I found this link helpful:


I recently posted the following question about using an image processing library within Rhino python scripts:

Have you succeeded in using OpenCV directly from Rhino?

I’d like to integrate OpenCV or Emgu CV into IronPython/Rhino/Grasshopper.
Did you find a way to do it?

If you Google “OpenCV .NET” you’ll find that here are a few .NET wrappers for this, which is what you will need.

– Dale

Here is how to get Emgu into IronPython,

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