Open surfaces do not close

Silicone Rubber.stp (308.3 KB)

How can we minimize also when dupedge the points that are coming we could have a script of some sort that could clean the points in a curve in order to have the minimum point to have that curve shape

Please do help me I also want to offset the surface 2 mm to 3d print but the offset is coming weird , i think there is something wrong with this

Hello - I am somewhat guessing here at what you want - is it something like the attached?

Silicone Rubber.3dm (245.3 KB)

@portugaldesignlab - replaced with a V5 file.


can you save it for rhino 5
You version is newer than mine

More like this

It for some reason doesn’t make the thickness of 2 mm in the surface
In this case i am unable to use properly the OffsetSrf

Silicone Rubber.stp (308.3 KB)

what you did is also very near and worked with some alteration to the surface, I posted something now the STP file is has it should be but with a thickness of 2 mm

Fixed it now, what have you done can you explain please

Now I am able to execute perfectly the 2 mm of offsetSrf

Is there any command that you used to make it right

"Any quality control Command " :slight_smile:

When the student executes the mask I will show it to you the final project, thanks a lot for this major help

Hello @portugaldesignlab - see how this looks -again, just guessing at what you need…

Silicone Rubber_PG.3dm (799.6 KB)


when the student communicates with me I will send you a picture of the actual part that we want to build in silicone, I have managed to fix the problem @pascal now i need to wait from ZELTA3D team to tell me if the part is ok for 3D printing in silicone