Open Solidworks files Rhino for Mac

Can Rhino for Mac open Solidworks files? I had a client send me some SLDDRW & SLDASM files. They are all greyed out in V5 but I can see the SLDASM files in Rhino WIP 6. I am getting errors saying no geometry

I did download an eDrawing app that shows me the file, both SLDDRW & SLDASM …

In an old thread I did see someone mention a CAD Crossconversion program. I haven’t checked to see if it is MacOS compatible.

Do I have to set-up a Windows box LOL.

Thanks «Randy

Hi @rhinorudi-

It looks like those errors are related to Windows paths in the file. (Those errors are coming from the RhinoWIP, right?)

Perhaps @tim knows more.

yes they are @dan

Thanks, «Randy

Hi Randy,

Any chance you could send me the files in question privately via


Sure, I will send that one shortly.


Hi Tim,

did the file ever get uploaded. It looked like it did from my end, but I was having issues later yesterday with my laptop and had to do a few restarts.


I didn’t see any notification of it on my end. Did you put my email in the to box?

I will try the link first, then if not I will email

I forgot to zip it last time, I hope that works,


Hi Randy,

I got the sldasm but there were no sldprt files. Can you please zip up the whole kit and caboodle and send that in? Unless, of course, all you have is the sldasm and then that may explain some of what you’re seeing. I read that asm file into Windows Rhino and see that most, if not all, of the .prt files are part of a SW part library or from some directory that begins with “B114”. All of the paths were in a Windows/DOS style format and not Mac. The latter has quite a complicated string for a file path. I think the .asm file directory must be part of the search path though or this would seldom work.


Hi Tim,

I have a SLDPRT file but a different name. I will go back to the client and see if he can give me the right files. These are the files I was given.

My client works on Mac but the engineers work on Windows. I was asked to see if I could render the boards. From what you said I should be able to get the needed files. I knew it looked like windows file structure but I am not familiar with Solidworks at all.

I will talk to the client first before I proceed.

Thanks for all your help, Once I have the necessary files then I will see if I can open it, I do have a windows machine with Rhino v5 & 6. it is just not set up yet, I have just moved.


Tell your client to use “Pack and Go” from the SolidWorks file menu, this ensures you get all referenced files.

Thanks @cdordoni I will send that screen shot to my client.

« Randy