Open/Save Files on the server or Network Driver

Hi everyone!
I’m planning on deploying a Rhino.Compute server on my company, and I’d like to know if I would be able to:

  • send geometry to the server to compute and then save the 3dm files on the same server, or even another available network drive.
  • ask the server to open some given file on it’s hdd or on the network, process some geometry and send it back to me.
    Does the IO from Rhino.Compute allow such a thing?

I am not experienced with C#, but all of this seems doable.
Are you using rhino compute in combination with grasshopper?
What kind of file would you like to open?
The grasshopper plugin Pancake has some nice components for data/geometry import / export.

This talk will help probably help you: Rhino App Server - YouTube

Check this post too.

Absolutely! See these related posts…

Also, here’s an example of a Rhino plug-in that provides a compute endpoint that exposes Rhino’s FBX export functionality. There’s a bit of file IO in there that should give you some more ideas!

Thank you both for your answers. We decided to try it with a small inhouse server next week, I’ll try to keep you posted!

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