Open rhino file without loading linked textures

Hi, is there a way to open rhino files without loading linked textures, blocks etc.?

With remote working, I’ve occasionally had to access rhino files via vpn, and have found that opening rhino files can take 10~15mins due to internet speed.
If its not possible, it would be a great feature to add for flexibility.

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I would like to second this proposal, and maybe further detail why this could be a very desireble feature in Rhino. Ever since Rhino 6 and now in 7, we all, at our office, experience how textures are slowing a model down, much more than in Rhino 5. We have tried many changes to mitigate this issue
over the years, and it did cost us our V-ray workflow. However, still to this day, a file with many materials take forever to work in, and altering materials always comes with a small wait.
Therefor it would not only be usefull to load files without textures to save time while on the go, it could speed up rhino quite significantly when modelling. But just to focus work it would be nice, when the textures are unimportant. Personally i think i could benefit hugely from a “non texture”-mode similar to “safe mode”, simply because it would force me to actually draw some geometry, and not get distracted with textures and material-mapping. A middle ground would be to have a “compressed textures” option, where loadtimes are long, but all textures get reduced to 512x512 or similar so the viewport and material overview page is more workable.