Open .Pat file in Rhino 5 with a student license

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I am trying to open a .pat file in rhino 5.0 educational but when I open it I get the following error:
“File type not supported by Rhinoceros”.

Is this due to my student license?

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No - student licenses are the same as commercial ones.

Normally you don’t open .pat files directly, you import them via

DocumentProperties>Linetypes>Import (linetypes)
DocumentProperties>Hatch>Import (hatches)


(M Vanbeurden) #3

When I opened the file on my colleague’s computer it just opened directly after the message: “Convert Rhino coordinate system?”

The .Pat file is an outline of a vessel which I want to have in Rhino.


OK, this is not a linetype or hatch then… I don’t see .pat as a supported file type for importing in standard Rhino, are you using a plug-in? what program generated the .pat file?

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I don’t know what program generated the file.
I’m following a tutorial but my professor also doesn’t know it.
I checked if he had a pat plug-in or something but that is also not the case

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I went to IT and they gave me some plug-ins as you mentioned. It should work after that.
Thank you for your time!