Open Nest no longer supported?

Hi Guys,

All of my scripts running on Shapediver use the TXT component in Opennest.

I uploaded a new Script on the 22nd with no issues.

Today I go to do an update and get this:

Can you fix this please?



I think they had issue with version control.
I added a correct Assembly number and uploaded on food4rhino 1.3.3:

@Petras_Vestartas thank you very much for the update - I’ve been able to update again to SD.

I have a ‘bug’ which you might be able to help me with.

I use your ‘Text’ component all over my code to display useful information and mark up panels.

The previous version had a very nice default display:

Now I get a very blocky/hard to read default esp on numbers:

Is there a work around or could you have a look at this for me?



In last version you have option to specify text font.
Example files shows how to use it.

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Hi @Petras_Vestartas

Thanks for that - could you tell me which font was that nice single line font that was the default in the past?



In the current version I skipped this line font, because it cause super slow speed in laser engraving.
Since we used a laser cutter that does not like arcs very much.

But you can use typical fonts such as

This font is shipped with Rhino