Open Nest for Rhino 8

Thank you Walter.
It works.

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Is there a package for Win?


Yes. I can confirm. I am using Rhino 8 on Mac M3 Max with Sonoma 14.4.1 and Opennest 1.5.1.

Just open Rhino8 with Rosetta, than attach in grasshopper your Geometries and Sheets with Opennest. You will receive error message, that Apple can’t open “libsimpleDYLIB.dylibb” because of security reasons. Just click OK. Then open manually the “libsimpleDYLIB.dylibb” File with the Terminal and Apple will add this file to the “secure” files / whitelist. Now just run again Grasshopper with Opennest and it will work.

It does, just download the current version and place it in Grasshopper Libraries folder. Rhino 8 has not changed of C++ architecture as Rhino 7 and 6:

To make it more fluent I can change the package manager naming, but it does work…

I tested Package Manager on Rhino8 both windows and Mac, seems to install without problems.