Open Nest for Rhino 8

Do you have mac with apple silicon or intel processor? I also grabbed 1.5.1 version from Rhino 7 folder but it is not showing up in grasshopper? Do you have any idea what I did wrong?

There were 2 folders that i had to copy. Now I’m getting this error:

  1. Solution exception:Could not load file or assembly ‘OpenNestLib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’. Could not find or load a specific file. (0x80131621)
    Any help?

Hi @flixchameroy
would you mind attaching the 1.5.1 files you have on R7 here…? I don’t have rhino 7 installed just the Beta. The published version in Food4Rhino are only available in install format for R7 this is why Package Manager can’t find it for the Beta… Neither is it possible to use the installer from F4R [installers in general are not Beta friendly at this point in time]

thanks a lot

@Petras1 are native C++ libraries involved here? If so, they would need to be compiled as fat binaries containing both an Intel and Silicon version in order to work for Rhino 8

Hi @stevebaer ,

Is there a documentation for CMake or any editor how to do as simply as possible?
I do not have an apple computer. I will need to do from a fresh virtual machine install through windows.

Yep, here is OpenNest 1.5.1 : (2.2 MB) - I copied this single folder into the package libraries download.

Works fine here : Intel mac with macOS 13.3

Great, Thanks a lot
Renamed the 15.1 folder as OpenNest [not sure if it was even needed…

with best regards

The package manager puts all these updates of a same plugin in a single folder, and holds the name of the most up-to-date version in a manifest.txt file :

But if it works like the regular GH libraries, I don’t think the folder name actually means anything

try to look for it under the Params tab…

Thanks. perhaps it doesn’t need naming… still, I put it manually [and changed the name] at least it will help me know which one it is.


There’s probably a ton of articles on this subject online, but I don’t have any specific McNeel written instructions. We’re pretty swamped at the moment since we went into beta, but if this is still an issue by the time we ship we can probably work with you to get a compile put together.

Does it work now?

I will try to dig and try it, for me macs are a bit of trial and error process until I get something working at the university, then I push it to YAK :slight_smile:

Hi @Petras1
thanks for checking.
the small components works. but the main OpenNest is giving an error [can’t find the lib…]
once giving it some input for sheets and geo it goes red:

Ok, go it.
Can you post again:
Your Mac OS and Rhino Version.

I’m currently on Mac OS 13.5.2 but will update to 14 once it is Rhino safe to do so.
Rhino 8 BETA (8.0.23276.13304, 2023-10-03)
M2 Max

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Hi @Petras1 , any news on this topic?
I’m having the same problem on my machine. R8 running on Mac M2 Pro

Hey there. Same problem here, with the M1Pro.
Did you guys managed to make it work?



See this recent topic:


Thank you Walter.
It works.

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Is there a package for Win?

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