Open Nest Error: System.IndexOutOfRangeExeption

Hey there.
I have some troubles with Open Nest. Could you check it out please?

It´s all part of a script, that groups variuos objects according to their material properties and then nests them using different availible sheet sizeses for a certain material.

In one case it works fine in the other I get this error:

Cheers (12.5 KB)

looks like in the “why?” tree you have 3x invalid curves in both branches 0:0 and 0:1

if you Clean Tree in such a way invalid items are deleted, everything works properly

you also have some invalid items in the “working” tree, but for some reason those don’t generate an error

in both cases, you should not have any invalid items in order to have things working properly (I mean, I wouldn’t investigate why invalid items in “working” tree work, I would focus on the reason why those items are invalid, in such a way to make them valid :slight_smile: )

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Yes, I noticed the invalid items but chose to ignore them :wink: as they were in both lists.

thank you for taking the time to help me out.